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Attend HVAC, Plumbing, and CE (Electrical Contractor)

courses all on the same day!

To register for 2017 classes:

1. scroll down and find your class

2. scroll back up and click on the "Buy Now" button next to the number of hours desired,

3. in the "Description" box, enter attendee'sNAME(s), DATE and CITY of class(es),

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Sparta:  July 22 (Plumbing, HVAC, CE)

Ramada Hotel, 525 Dale Dr., Sparta, KY

Paintsville:  August 11 (Plumbing, HVAC, CE)

       Paintsville:  August 12 (Electricians...6 hours: CODE)

Lebanon:   August 18 (Plumbing, HVAC, CE)

Lexington:  August 25 (Plumbing, HVAC, CE)

Bowling Green:  September 29 (Plumbing, HVAC, CE)

Louisville:  October 7 (Plumbing, HVAC, CE)

Owensboro:  October 13: (Plumbing, HVAC, CE)

Owensboro:  October 14: (Electricians...6 hours: CODE)

London:  October 21: (Plumbing, HVAC, CE)

Sparta:  October 28: (Plumbing, HVAC, CE)

Our classes are unique, creative, and entertaining!

For training information, call us today (502) 387-3994

Please send pre-payments to:

Xpertise LLC

3521 Coventry Tee CT

Louisville, KY 40241

Don Daub is a Certified Continuing Education Instructor!


Master and Journeyman Plumber

Master and Journeyman HVAC

Electrical Contractor

Master Electrician



Xpertise will help you increase your company's profits.

Properly trained employees insure your continued success!

Xpertise reaches out to individuals seeking to learn more. Classes taught are different from the norm. They urge the attendees to think from different perspectives.

In addition, different aspects of business operations are taught, providing every attendee new outlooks on the nature of running a business. This helps everyone understand why their job is so important in the big scheme of things.

Our "Xperts" include industry pros that have been in the trenches, and can relate to your needs.

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